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Atari 2600: Crazy Climber

Adapted from the Nichibutsu coin-op, Crazy Climber puts you in the role of Crazy Climber, an agile daredevil with a penchant for climbing tall buildings. As you scale each building, a cretin named Mad Doctor will try to halt your progress by raining down flowerpots, buckets of water and baskets of fruit. If you are hit by one of these obstacles while you're climbing from one window to another, you'll fall off the building. If both of your hands are firmly gripping a ledge, the item will simply bounce off of you, but you will lose 100 points.

The Mad Doctor is not alone in his desire to see you fail. White condors will bomb you with gigantic eggs, steel girders will occasionally fall toward you, and faulty electric signs will shock you. Even the building windows act as obstacles. You can climb past a window if it is open, but if it closes on both of your hands, it's splatter time. If a window closes on just one of your hands, you'll be okay as long as you stay still.

Once you reach the top of a skyscraper, you board a helicopter that will whisk you off to the next, more difficult building. You score points for every row of windows you climb up and for every building you scale.

Crazy Climber was available only through the Atari Club. It never appeared on retail shelves, so it is something of a collector's item.

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